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Personnel Development Systems

gfu-consult gmbh

gfu-consult gmbh
Bonner Str. 178
50968 Köln
+49 221 548 1709-0

Goals & Approaches

We work closely with executives on the right systems and processes:

  • Placing the right employees in the right positions
  • Further development and maintenance of necessary competencies

In this context gfu-consult focuses on the following areas:

  • Personnel planning and policy
  • Operational agreement processes
  • Qualification systems for production and management
  • Employee and executive development

We support HR departments with strategy and structure development for integrated organisational and personnel development concepts


We offer personnel development systems and processes that provide targeted support to your HR department:



  • Personnel development systems
  • Qualification management systems
  • Certification and licensing systems
  • Potential screening system
  • High Potential Academy
  • Potential workshop
  • Development of training systems
  • Net workplace structures
  • Post organisation
  • Personnel requirement planning
  • Staffing and succession planning (FTE/ FQE)
  • Staff planning
  • Job profiles (Roles & Responsibilities)

We ensure that the best people are employed in the most appropriate position with the necessary competencies to maximise value for the company