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Organisation & Restructuring

gfu-consult gmbh

gfu-consult gmbh
Bonner Str. 178
50968 Köln
+49 221 548 1709-0

Goals & Approaches

We support executives in the prompt implementation of serious changes to business models, essential processes and structures:

  • Maintaining full performance
  • Transparent project management
  • Clearly defined initiatives and projects
  • Integration of the knowledge of the employees
  • Unambiguous assignment of responsibilities and tasks within the new structure 
  • Reduction of employees' fears and objections 
  • Structured communication within the company

Our aim is largely integrated implementation management with representatives of the employees and employers to ensure a high degree of stability


Our range of services includes integrated solutions for organisational or restructuring projects:




  • Management and decision-making processes
  • Design and redesign of business processes
  • Service creation processes production/maintenance
  • Service innovation processes production/maintenance
  • Service innovation processes idea generation/project realisation
  • Service and support processes
  • Cross site process networking
  • Business model design
  • Organisational anchoring of processes
  • Shift organisation and shift systems
  • Management of change

  • Cost-reduction programmes
  • Integration management/mergers
  • Make or buy/outsourcing/insourcing

Our solutions ensure the right design and focus on a target-oriented implementation while maintaining full performance