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Organizational Coaching

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The basic idea

Organisation Coaching (OC) is a systematic approach to ensure that an organization is able to solve its defined responsibilities today and in the future.

What is organisation coaching?

The core of the organisation coaching process is the special quality of the dialog on all levels of the organization. We understand dialog to mean the "art of thinking together".
We keep up the special quality of the dialog in all phases of change processes, from the analysis and design to the permanent implementation. This produces results that neither of the two partners could achieve on his own.

What benefits does OC offer over traditional consulting approaches?

Organisation coaching has proven to be the most effective approach for organizations that require an integrated framework to be able to change and grow, in particular in technology-oriented companies.

The strength of organisation coaching is mainly based on its flexibility as "management framework". The expertise, methods, tools, and specific concepts from management, technology, business administration, and social psychology are integrated and imagined and applied in a customer-oriented manner.

Organisation coaching is about more than just improving processes, reducing costs, and optimizing structures.
It is also about stabilizing individuals and creating teams that are aligned to a clear strategy and who are personally committed to implementing this strategy.

Identifying the potential of the present: What can we already do today?

Identifying the requirements of the future: What challenges will we face tomorrow?

What are the resulting opportunities, risks, and consequences?

What thematic starting points are suitable for starting OC?

• Improving the quality and efficiency of business, working, and decision-making processes with a focus on the commercial perspective.
• Ensuring suitable appreciation of the 'human' resource in balance with the social development in a technological world.
• Strengthening cross-functional cooperation via functioning interfaces, enhanced (horizontal) process orientation, and integration of result and process responsibility
• Facilitating permanent learning, systematic knowledge management, and the necessary innovation
• Capacities adapted to current and future requirements in terms of personnel strength and skills in the individual organizational units
• Focus of the organization on core competences and separation of responsibilities and tasks
• Ensuring a suitable hierarchical structure, a manageable number of interfaces, and the bundling of competences in the organizational structure
• Further development of skill to be flexible and react quickly to changing requirements (adaptation speed)
• Ensuring the organizational development in harmony with compliance requirement

Our customers act based on the insight: winners get going long before adapters, who wait until they "have to". Like us, they are convinced that organizations essentially have to transform themselves

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